Integrated FETs

Integrated FETs In general the Integrated FETs (field effect transistors) are of two types namely Junction field effect transistor (JFET) Metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) 1 Integrated JFET The basic processes used for the fabrication of JFET are exactly similar to those used in the fabrication of BJT. The JFETs are further classified […]

Integrated Capacitors

Integrated Capacitors: Integrated Capacitors – The common parallel plate capacitor structures are as shown in the Fig. 1.24. In most widely used type shown in Fig. 1.24 (a), the two polysilicon plates are seperated by silicon dioxide (Si02). Here the lower plate rests on the top of the substrate. The capacitor shown in Fig. 1.24 […]

Integrated Resistors

Integrated Resistors: In Integrated Resistors circuit design, the importance is given to the maximum usage of transistors. For example digital CMOS, nMOS and GaAs circuits are fabricated entirely with transistors and diodes. The resistors are grouped into two groups ; one formed within monolithic IC and other composed of film resistors. The monolithic IC resistors […]

PNP Transistor

PNP Transistor: There are different ways of fabricating PNP Transistor in integrated circuits. The important means of integrating PNP Transistor are (i) vertical p-n-p, (ii) lateral p-n-p and (iii) triple diffused p-n-p. In vertical p–n–p transistor, the p type substrate is used as p-type collector while the n-epitaxial layer is used as base. Obviously the […]

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