Delayed Sweep Oscilloscope

Delayed Sweep Oscilloscope: Many oscilloscopes of laboratory quality include a delayed sweep feature. Delayed Sweep Oscilloscope feature increases the versatility of the instrument by making it possible to magnify a selected portion of an undelayed sweep, measure waveform jitter or rise time, and check pulse time modulation, as well as many other applications. Delayed sweep […]

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Oscilloscope Operating Precautions

Oscilloscope Operating Precautions

Oscilloscope Operating Precautions: In addition to the general safety precautions, the following specific precautions should be observed when operating any type of oscilloscope. Most of the Oscilloscope Operating Precautions also apply to recorders. Always study the instruction manual of any oscilloscope with which you are not familiar even if you have had considerable experience with

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Applications of Oscilloscope

Applications of Oscilloscope: The range of applications of oscilloscope varies from basic voltage measurements and waveform observation to highly specialized applications in all areas of science, engineering and technology. Voltage Measurements: The most direct voltage measurement made with the help of an oscilloscope is the peak to peak (p-p) value. The rms value of the

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Attenuators: Attenuators are designed to change the magnitude of the input signal seen at the input stage, while presenting a constant impedance on all ranges at the attenuator input. A compensated RC attenuator is required to attenuate all frequencies equally. Without this compensation, HF signal measurements would always have to take the input circuit RC

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Probes for CRO

Probes for CRO: Direct Probes (1 : 1): The simplest types of Probes for CRO (one can hardly call it a probe) is the test lead. Test leads are simply convenient lengths of wire for connecting the CRO input to the point of observation. At the CRO end, they usually terminate with lugs, banana tips

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