Dual Trace Oscilloscope

Dual Trace Oscilloscope: Figure 7.19 (a) shows a block diagram of a dual trace oscilloscope. This CRO has a single electron gun whose electron beam is split into two by an electronic switch. There is one control for focus and another for intensity. Two signals are displayed simultaneously. The signals pass through identical vertical channels […]

High Frequency CRT

High Frequency CRT or Travelling Wave Type CRT: Figure 7.17 illustrates a High Frequency CRT. In an ordinary CRO, there is only one pair of VDPs. When the signal to be displayed is of a very high frequency, the electron beam does not get sufficient time to pick up the instantaneous level of the signal. […]

Typical CRT Connections

Typical CRT Connections: Figure 7.16 shows various controls and Typical CRT Connections. The following controls are available on CRO panel. Intensity It controls the magnitude of emission of the electron, beam, i.e. the electron beam is adjusted by varying the cathode-to-grid bias volt­age. This adjustment is (folk by the 500 KΩ potentiometer Focus The focusing […]

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