Resonators and Waveguides

Waveguide Isolator and Circulators

Waveguide Isolator and Circulators: It often happens at microwave frequencies that coupling must be strictly a one-way affair. This applies for most microwave generators, whose output amplitude and frequency could be affected by changes in load impedance. Some means must be found to ensure that the coupling is unidirectional from generator to load. A number …

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Directional Coupler Waveguide

Directional Coupler Waveguide: We already know that a transmission-line Directional Coupler Waveguide. Its applications were indicated at the time as being unidirectional power flow measurement, SWR measurement and unidirectional wave radiation. Exactly the same considerations apply to waveguides. Several directional couplers for waveguides exist, and the most common ones will be described, including a direct …

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Impedance Matching and Tuning in Waveguide

Impedance Matching and Tuning in Waveguide: We know that suitably chosen series or parallel pieces of transmission line had properties which made them useful for providing resistive or reactive impedances. It is the purpose of this section to show how the same effects are achieved in waveguides, and again transmission-line equivalents of waveguide matching devices …

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