Strip Chart Recorder Application

Strip Chart Recorder Application: The following are some of the thousands of Strip Chart Recorder Application for recorders in industry. 1.Temperature Recording A strip chart recorder may be used to provide a graphical record of temperature as a function of time. There are two primary methods used for recording temperature, the thermocouple method and the […]

Frequency Modulation Recording

Frequency Modulation Recording: When a more accurate response to dc voltages is required, an Frequency Modulation Recording system is generally used. In this FM system, the input signal is used to frequency modulate a carrier, i.e. the carrier signal is frequency modulated by the input signal (FM modula­tion), which is then recorded on the tape […]

XY Recorder Working

XY Recorder Working: XY Recorder Working – In most research fields, it is often convenient to plot the instantaneous relationship between two variables [Y = f(x)], rather than to plot each variable separately as a function of time. In such cases, the X—Y recorder is used, in which one variable is plotted against another variable. […]

Galvanometer Type Recorder

Galvanometer Type Recorder: The D’Arsonval movement used in moving coil indicating instruments can also provide the movement in a Galvanometer Type Recorder. The D’Arsonval movement consists of a moving coil placed in a strong magnetic field, as shown in Fig. 12.2(a). In a galvanometer type recorder, the pointer of the D’Arsonval movement is fitted with […]