Strip Chart Recorder Application

Strip Chart Recorder Application: The following are some of the thousands of Strip Chart Recorder Application for recorders in industry. 1.Temperature Recording A strip chart recorder may be used to provide a graphical record of temperature as a function of time. There are two primary methods used for recording temperature, the thermocouple method and the […]

Digital Memory Waveform Recorder

Digital Memory Waveform Recorder: The Digital Memory Waveform Recorder shown in Fig. 12.18, provides capability which is difficult to achieve by other methods. The block diagram (Fig. 12.18) is of a unit capable of recording four independent signals    simulta­neously. The practical implementation of this concept rests on the ready availability, small size and reasonable […]

Linear Motor Working Principle

Linear Motor Working Principle: Linear Motor Working Principle – The thermocouple or millivolt signal is amplified by a non-inverting MOSFET, chopper stabilised, feedback amplifier. This configuration has a very high input impedance and the current passing through the signal source is a maximum of 0.5 nA (without broken sensor protection). With the use of span […]

Frequency Modulation Recording

Frequency Modulation Recording: When a more accurate response to dc voltages is required, an Frequency Modulation Recording system is generally used. In this FM system, the input signal is used to frequency modulate a carrier, i.e. the carrier signal is frequency modulated by the input signal (FM modula­tion), which is then recorded on the tape […]

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