Integrated FETs

Integrated FETs

In general the Integrated FETs (field effect transistors) are of two types namely

  • Junction field effect transistor (JFET)
  • Metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET)

1 Integrated JFET

The basic processes used for the fabrication of JFET are exactly similar to those used in the fabrication of BJT. The JFETs are further classified as n-channel JFET and p-channel JFET. The development of n-channel JFET is as shown in the Fig. 1.25.

Integrated FETs

The JFET, the epitaxial layer is used as n-channel. The p+ gate is formed in n-type channel by ion-implantation or diffusion process. While good ohmic contacts are_ achieved by using n+ diffusion layers below drain and source regions.

2 Integrated MOSFETs

MOSFETs are classified as follows

  • enhancement mode MOSFET
  • depletion mode MOSFET

In MOSFETs gate terminal is isolated from the FET channel by silicon dioxide insulating layer. As the layer is insulating type, it provides very high input resistance. In providing superior barrier for impurities penetrating Si02 layer, silicon nitride (Si3N4 ) is sandwitched between two silion dioxide (Si02) layers. This helps in increasing overall dielectric constant.

The n-channel MOSFET of enhancement and depletion mode are as shown in the Fig. 1.26 (a) and (b) respectively.

Integrated FETs

In the enhancement mode, MOSFET is in OFF state when gate-source bias is zero, while MOSFET turns ON by positive gate source voltage. in depletion mode, because of n-implanted channel conduction is possible in ON state for zero gate-source voltage. While negative gate source voltage is required to turn it OFF.

3 Integrated CMOSs

When n-channel MOSFET and p-channel MOSFET both are integrated on same chip, the device is termed as complementary CMOS. In CMOS fabrication, n-type well is diffused in p-type substrate. Also p-channel MOSFET is fabricated within this n-well. Basically this n-well forms substrate for p-channel MOSFET. In the fabrication of p-channel MOSFET two additional steps are required as compared to n-channel MOSFET fabrication. The additional steps are formation of n-well and ion-implantation of p-type source and drain regions. The cross section of CMOS IC is as shown in the Fig. 1.27.

Integrated FETs