Optimal Scheduling of Hydrothermal System

Optimal Scheduling of Hydrothermal System: Optimal Scheduling of Hydrothermal System – The previous sections have dealt with the problem of optimal scheduling of a power system with thermal plants only. Optimal operating policy in this case can be completely determined at any instant without reference to operation at other times. This, indeed, is the static […]

Optimal Load Flow Solution

Optimal Load Flow Solution: Optimal Load Flow Solution – The problem of optimal real power dispatch has been treated in the earlier section using the approximate loss formula. This section presents the more general problem of real and reactive power flow so as to minimize the instantaneous operating costs. It is a static optimization problem […]

Derivation of Transmission Loss Formula

Derivation of Transmission Loss Formula: Derivation of Transmission Loss Formula – An accurate method of obtaining a general formula for transmission loss has been given by Kron [4]. This, however, is quite complicated. The aim of this article is to give a simpler derivation by making certain assumptions. Figure 7.9 (c) depicts the case of […]

Reliability Calculation

Reliability Calculation: Reliability Calculation – With the increasing dependence of industry, agriculture and day-to-day household comfort upon the continuity of electric supply, the Reliability Calculation of power systems has assumed great importance. Every electric utility is nornwlly under obligation to provide to its consumers a certain degree of continuity and quality of service (e.g. voltage.and […]

Optimal Unit Commitment

Optimal Unit Commitment(UC): Optimal Unit Commitment – As is evident, it is not economical to run all the units available all the time. To determine the units of a plant that should operate for a particular load is the problem of unit commitment (UC). This problem is of importance for thermal plants as for other […]