Multimeter: A multimeter is basically a PMMC meter. To measure dc current the meter acts as an ammeter with a low series resistance. Range changing is accomplished by shunts in such a way that the current passing through the meter does not exceed the maximum rated value. A multimeter consists of an ammeter, voltmeter and […]

Multirange Ohmmeter

Multirange Ohmmeter: The Multirange Ohmmeter circuit shown in Fig. 4.28 (a) is only for a single range of resistance measurement. To measure resistance over a wide range of values, we need to extend the ohmmeter ranges. This type of ohmmeter is called a multirange ohmmeter, shown in Fig. 4.29.   Shunt Type Ohmmeter The shunt […]

Considerations in Choosing an Analog Voltmeter

Considerations in Choosing an Analog Voltmeter: In Considerations in Choosing an Analog Voltmeter the following factors are to be considered. Input Impedance The input impedance or resistance of the voltmeter should be as high as possible. It should always be higher than the impedance of the circuit under measurement to avoid the loading effect, discussed […]