Electronic Instrumentation

Microprocessor Controlled Bridge

Microprocessor Controlled Bridge: Microprocessor Controlled Bridge – Digital computers have been used in conjunction with test systems, bridges, and process controllers for several years. In these applications, computers were used to give instructions and perform operations on the data measured. When microprocessors were first developed they were used in much the same way as digital …

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Various CRT Connections and Controls in CRO Panel

Various CRT Connections and Controls in CRO Panel: Figure 7.16 shows various controls and Typical CRT Connections. The following controls are available on CRO panel. Intensity: It controls the magnitude of emission of the electron, beam, i.e. the electron beam is adjusted by varying the cathode-to-grid bias volt­age. This adjustment is (folk by the 500 …

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DCS System

DCS System: A DCS System is preferred over a central computer system for the following reasons. Central Computer System (CCS) exposes the plant to the risk that the system might fail. This can be minimized by having one or more back up schemes. A back up computer Analog controller Manual loading stations Various combinations of the …

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