Printers: Character printers and graphic plotters are the two devices used to prepare a permanent (or hard copy) record of computer output. The basic difference between printers and plotters is that the former are de­vices whose purpose is to print letters, numbers and similar characters in text-readable form, while the latter print diagrams with continuous […]

Liquid Vapour Display

Liquid Vapour Display(LVD): Liquid Vapour Display are the latest in economical display technology. They employ a new reflective passive display principle and depend on the presence of ambient lights for their operation. Figure 2.25 gives the structure of a typical LVD cell. It consists of a transparent volatile liquid encased between two glass plates and side spacers. […]

Electrophoretic Image Display

Electrophoretic Image Display (EPID): Electrophoretic Image Display is the movement of charged pigment particles suspended in a liquid under the influence of an electric field. This pheonomenon has been uti­lised in electrophoretic image displays, as shown in Fig. 2.24. The basic principle; fabrication and operating characteristics of a reflective type Electrophoretic Image Display (EPID) panel […]

Incandescent Display

Incandescent Display: Incandescent Display has been a basic process of light generation for several decades. This process is now down in fully integrated electronic displays. Incandescent display using 16 segment as well as 5 x 7 dot matrix formats fabricated using thin film micro electronics are now available for alphanumeric characters. Such displays are characterized […]

Dot Matrix Displays

Dot Matrix Displays: Excellent alphanumeric characters can be displayed by using dot matrix LEDs with an LED at each dot location. Commonly used Dot Matrix Displays of prominent characters are 5 x 7, 5 x 8, and 7 x 9, of which 5 x 7 shown in Fig. 2.20 (a), is very popular due to […]

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