Semiconductor Diodes

Zener Diodes Characteristics

Zener Diodes Characteristics: When a Junction diode is reverse biased, normally only a very small reverse saturation current flows; IS on the reverse characteristic in Fig. 2-25(a). When the reverse voltage is sufficiently increased, the junction breaks down and a large reverse current flows. If the reverse current is limited by means of a suitable […]

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Testing of Semiconductor Diode

Testing of Semiconductor Diode: There are Several methods are available for Testing of Semiconductor Diode, namely, Ohmmeter Tests: One of the simplest and quickest tests can be made using an ohmmeter to measure the forward and reverse resistance of a diode, [see Fig. 2­22(a)]. The diode should offer a low resistance when forward biased, and a

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Semiconductor Diode Specifications

Semiconductor Diode Specifications: Diode Data Sheets – To select a suitable diode for a particular application, the data sheets, or Semiconductor Diode Specifications, provided by device manufacturers must be consulted. Portions of typical diode data sheets are shown in Fig. 2-21 . Most data sheets start off with the device type number at the top

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Diode Approximations

Diode Approximations: Diode Approximations – As we know already that, a diode is essentially a one-way device, offering a low resistance when forward biased, and a high resistance when biased in reverse. An ideal diode (or perfect diode) would have zero forward resistance and zero forward voltage drop. It would also have an infinitely high

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PN Junction Diode Working Principle

PN Junction Diode Working Principle: A PN Junction Diode Working Principle explains about the ability to permit substantial current flow when forward-biased, and to block current when reverse-biased. Thus, it can be used as a switch; on when forward-biased, and off when biased in reverse. In PN Junction Diode Working Principle, the copper wire connecting

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