Receiver Types

Receiver Types: There are Two Receiver Types namely, Pilot Carrier Receiver and a Suppressed Carrier Receiver; the suppressed carrier receiver incorporates a frequency synthesizer for extra stability and also is used to show how ISB may be demodulated. Pilot Carrier Single Sideband Receiver: As shown in, Figure 6-46, in block form, a pilot-carrier receiver is […]

Ratio Detector Circuit

Ratio Detector Circuit: In the Foster-Seeley discriminator, changes in the magnitude of the input signal will give rise to amplitude changes in the resulting output voltage. This makes prior limiting necessary. It is possible to modify the discriminator circuit to provide limiting, so that the amplitude limiter may be dispensed with. A circuit so modified […]

Phase Discriminator

Phase Discriminator: This Phase Discriminator is also known as the center-tuned discriminator or the Foster-Seeley discriminator, after its inventors. It is possible to obtain the same S-shaped response curve from a circuit in which the primary and the secondary windings are both tuned to the center frequency of the incoming signal. This is desirable because […]

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