Extraterrestrial Communications

Extraterrestrial Communications: Extraterrestrial Communications : The most recent, and by far the fastest-growing, field of communications involves the use of various satellite relays, of which the first was launched in 1957,-12 years after the practicability and orbital positioning of stationary satellites were first described and calculated. The field may be subdivided into three parts, each […]

Tropospheric Scatter Propagation

Tropospheric Scatter Propagation: Tropospheric Scatter Propagation is a means of beyond-the-horizon propagation for UHF signals. Tropospheric Scatter Propagation uses certain properties of the troposphere, the nearest portion of the atmosphere (within about 15 km of the ground). Properties of Tropospheric Scatter Propagation: As shown in Figure 8-20, two directional antennas are pointed so that their […]

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