Network Protocols in Digital Communication

Network Protocols in Digital Communication: “Intelligent” (microprocessor-controlled) switching systems have become the hubs of intelligent networks. Terminal devices and line connection equipment have also been given microprocessor “brains,” and thus the introduction of intelligent devices into the data communications field has brought a sophistication to the interconnection possibilities. With terminals capable of establishing circuit connections […]

Centralized Switched Telephone Network

Centralized Switched Telephone Network: Centralized Switched Telephone Network – As data systems have increased in number and complexity, it has become increasingly important to provide for their proper and orderly interconnection. Small, simple systems could dedicate individual lines for each piece of equipment which was connected in the system. For intraplant connections, this was a […]

Interconnection of Data Circuits

Interconnection of Data Circuits: In the United States, a recent FCC ruling, in part 68 of the Rules and Regulations, permits for the first time non-telephone company interconnection to telephone company circuits. This ruling has placed the responsibility for much of the necessary Interconnection of Data Circuits on the manufacturer of data equipment, which must […]

RS 232 Interface Modem

RS 232 Interface Modem: In the United States, a standard interconnection between business machine and modem is supplied by the RS 232 Interface Modem. RS 232 Interface Modem has been defined by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) to ensure compatibility between data sets and terminal equipment. The interface uses a 25-pin Cannon or Cinch plug, […]