Static Induction Thyristor

Static Induction Thyristor(SITH): An Static Induction Thyristor or SI-thyristor is a self-controlled GTO-like on-off device commercially introduced in Japan in 1988. Similar device, known as field-controlled thyristors (FCT) or field-controlled diode (FCD), were developed in USA. The device symbol is shown in Fig. 11.10. It is essentially a P+ NN+ diode. Similar to SIT, SITH […]

Static Induction Transistor Symbol

Static Induction Transistor Symbol(SIT): An Static Induction Transistor Symbol is a high-power high-frequency device and is essentially the solid state version of triode vacuum tube. It was commercially introduced by Tokin Corp, Japan, in 1987. The device symbol is shown in Fig. 11.9. The triode-like characteristics make the device suitable, both in active and switching […]

IGBT Transistor Circuit

IGBT Transistor Circuit or Insulated Gas Bipolar Transistor: An IGBT Transistor Circuit or Insulated Gas Bipolar Transistor is basically a hybrid MOS-gated turn on/off bipolar transistor that combines the features of MOSFET (voltage control features), BIT (fast acting features and high power capability) and thyristor. The device is also known as MOSIGT, COMFET (conductively modulated FET), or […]

Power Mosfet Switching Characteristics

Power Mosfet Switching Characteristics: Power Mosfet Switching Characteristics – The power metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) is a device derived from the field-effect transistor (FET) for use as a fast-acting switch at power levels. Unlike the bipolar transistor which is current controlled, the MOSFET is a voltage controlled device. The main terminals are the […]

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