High Efficiency Induction Motors

High Efficiency Induction Motors: With ever-increasing energy cost the life-time operating cost of an induction motor can be traded against a high efficiency and high capital cost induction motors. With rising demand for high efficiency or energy efficient induction motors, designers and manufacturers are stepping up their production of such motors. Some of the important […]

Induction machine Dynamics

Induction machine Dynamics: Induction machine Dynamics – In general, the mechanical time-constant for any machine is much larger than the electrical time constant. Therefore, the dynamic analysis can be simplified by neglecting the electrical transient without any loss of accuracy of results. The circuit model of Induction machine Dynamics of Fig. 9.8(b) holds for constant […]

Isolated Induction Generator Working Principle

Isolated Induction Generator Working Principle: An Isolated Induction Generator Working Principle feeding a load is shown in Fig. 9.61. The delta-connected capacitors across the generator terminals provide the magnetizing current necessary to excite the isolated generator. The voltage build-up will be explained later in this section. As the generator is loaded, the operating frequency depends […]

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