AC DC Converters

AC DC Converters: AC DC Converters – The naturally commutated phase-controlled converter is a common type of controlled power electronic converter which has reigned supreme for the last 30 years. Above a few tens of kW, three-phase rectifiers are used, the most common arrangements being the fully/semi-controlled bridges. Semiconverter systems, including a free-wheeling diode give […]

Power Converters

Power Converters: Power Converters – Since the introduction of the thyristor, the converter technology has progressed through intense technological evolution for the last four decades and has emerged into a multidisciplinary technology. With basic thyristors, the converters can be naturally commutated or force commutated type. In a naturally commutated converter, the circuit has a natural […]

Electrical Drives

Electrical Drives: Electrical Drives – Invention of thyristor led to emergence of semiconductor drives in early sixties. The improvements in converters and development of new drive-control strategies, such as field oriented (or vector) control of ac drives, sliding-mode control, energy saving strategies, etc. brought about another revolution in drive technology and performance. Efforts are also […]

Comparison of Modern Devices

Comparison of Modern Devices: Comparison of Modern Devices – SITH is the largest power device and SIT is the highest frequency device in the present state of technology. It is not possible to compare exactly since devices with compatible power ratings are not simply available. SIT is a very high frequency high power device, but […]

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