Electrical Design of Overhead Lines

Electric Potential Definition

Electric Potential Definition: The Electric Potential point due to a charge is the work done in bringing a unit positive charge from infinity to that point. The concept of electric potential is extremely important for the determination of capacitance in a circuit since the latter is defined as the charge per unit potential. We shall …

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Self GMD and Mutual GMD

Self GMD and Mutual GMD: Self GMD and Mutual GMD – The use of self geometrical mean distance (abbreviated as Self GMD) and mutual geometrical mean distance (Mutual GMD) simplifies the inductance calculations, particularly relating to multiconduc­tor arrangements. The symbols used for these are respectively Ds and Dm. We shall briefly discuss these terms. Self …

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Flux Linkage

Flux Linkage: The inductance of a circuit is defined as the flux linkage per unit current. Therefore, in order to find the inductance of a circuit, the determination of flux linkage is of primary importance. We shall discuss two important cases of flux linkages. 1.Flux linkage due to a Single Current Carrying Conductor: Consider a …

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Skin Effect in Transmission Lines

Skin Effect in Transmission Lines: Skin Effect in Transmission Lines – When a conductor is carrying steady direct current (d.c.), this current is uniformly distributed over the whole X-section of the conductor. However, an alternating current flowing through the conductor does not distribute uniformly, rather it has the tendency to concentrate near the surface of …

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Constants of a Transmission Line

Constants of a Transmission Line: A transmission line has resistance, inductance and capacitance uniformly distributed along the whole length of the line. Before we pass on to the methods of finding these Constants of a Transmission Line, it is profitable to understand them thoroughly. Resistance: It is the opposition of line conductors to current flow. The …

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