Digital Integrated Circuits

Sequential Circuits

Sequential Circuits: There are many applications in which digital outputs are required to be generated in accordance with the sequence in which the input signals are received. This requirement cannot be satisfied using a combinational logic system. These applications require outputs to be generated that are not only dependent on the present input conditions but …

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BCD Subtraction

BCD Subtraction: Addition of signed BCD numbers can be performed by using 9’s or 10’s complement methods. A negative BCD number can be expressed by taking the 9’s or 10’s complement. Let us see BCD Subtraction using 9’s Complement and BCD Subtraction using 10’s Complement numbers and BCD Subtraction process using it. 9s Complement: The …

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Combinational Circuit

Combinational Circuit | Block Diagram | Design Procedure: When logic gates are connected together to produce a specified output for certain specified combinations of input variables, with no storage involved, the resulting circuit is called Combinational Logic. In Combinational logic, the output variables are at all times dependent on the combination of input variables. A Combinational …

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