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Strain Gauge Factor Derivation

Strain Gauge Factor Derivation: The Strain Gauge Factor Derivation is an example of a passive transducer that uses the variation in electrical resistance in wires to sense the strain produced by a force on the wires. It is well known that stress (force/unit area) and strain (elongation or compression/unit length) in a member or portion …

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Resistive Position Transducer

Resistive Position Transducer: The principle of the Resistive Position Transducer is that the physical variable under measurement causes a resistance change in the sensing element. (A common requirement in industrial measurement and control work is to be able to sense the position of an object, or the distance it has moved). One type of displacement …

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Resistive Transducer

Resistive Transducer | Resistive Potentiometer | Resistance Pressure Transducer: Resistive Transducer are those in which the resistance changes due to a change in some physical phenomenon. The change in the value of the resistance with a change in the length of the conductor can be used to measure displacement. Strain gauges work on the principle …

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Electrical Transducer

Electrical Transducer: A transducer is defined as a device that receives energy from one system and transmits it to another, often in a different form. Broadly defined, the transducer is a device capable of being actuated by an energizing input from one or more transmission media and in turn generating a related signal to one …

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