Recent Developments in Circuit Breakers

DC Circuit Breaker

DC Circuit Breaker: Light duty DC Circuit Breaker have been in use since long. However, with the latest developments in HVDC transmission there would naturally be the necessity of the HVDC circuit breaker. The two major problems of HVDC circuit breaking are: The amount of energy to be dissipated during the short interval of breaking […]

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SF6 Circuit Breaker

SF6 circuit breaker: One of the recent developments in the field of high voltage switchgear is the SF6 circuit breaker. In this a gas called sulphur hexafluoride is used as the medium of insulation and arc interruption. Basic Features of SF6 Breaker: SF6 is about 5 times heavier than air. It is chemically very stable,

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Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Vacuum Circuit Breaker: Although the advantages of interrupting the arc in a vacuum were recognized as early as the nineteenth century, this did not find wide application till a few years ago. This was because the knowledge of problems in material science, vacuum technology and plasma physics was not sufficiently advanced to provide solution to

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