Transistor Tester

Transistor Tester: The term Transistor Tester (or analyser) used in this text is for instruments giving quantative measurements of transistor parameters. The tester should be able to provide direct readings for atleast two important measurements, such as: A value for the forward gain in the common emitter configuration (hFE for ac gain or hFE for dc […]

Automatic Bridge

Automatic Bridge: The bridges discussed so far require that the controls be adjusted for balance after each capacitor (or other devices being tested) is connected to the bridge. In effect, they are manual. In recent years a number of automatic bridges have been developed. These Automatic Bridge provide an automatic readout without adjustment of balance […]

LCR Bridge

LCR Bridge: Basic LCR Bridge (Skeleton Type):A simple bridge for the measurement of resistance, capacitance and inductance may be constructed with four resistance decades in one arm, and binding post terminals to which external resistors or capacitors may be connected, to complete the other arms. Such a skeleton arrangement is useful in the laboratory, since […]