Effects of Harmonics

Effects of Harmonics: The relationship between line and phase quantities for wye and delta connections as derived earlier are strictly valid only if the source voltage is purely sinusoidal. Such a waveform is an ideal one. Modern alternations are designed to give a terminal voltage which is almost sinusoidal. But it is nearly impossible to […]

Reactive Power with Wattmeter

Reactive Power with Wattmeter: We have already seen earlier that the difference between higher reading wattmeter and lower reading wattmeter yields VLIL sin Φ. So, the total reactive power = √3 VLIL sin Φ. Reactive Power with Wattmeter in a balanced three-phase load can also be calculated by using a single wattmeter. As shown in […]

Leading Power Factor Load

Leading Power Factor Load: Suppose the load in Fig. 9.46(a) is capacitive, the wattmeter connected in the leading phase would read less value. In that case, WR will be the lower reading wattmeter, and WY will be the higher reading wattmeter. Figure 9.48 shows the phasor diagram for the Leading Power Factor Load. As the […]

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