Synchronous Modulation and Demodulation

Synchronous Modulation and Demodulation: Synchronous Modulation and Demodulation – Low dc current may be transformed into a high voltage dc by simple chopper action. Although an inductive type transformation process is required, the out­put dc may be obtained without rectifying devices. Figure 14.39 shows a circuit function of a synchronous vibrator. Contacts a and b […]

Self Oscillating Converter

Self Oscillating Converter(Transistorised Chopper Circuit): A Self Oscillating Converter(Transistorised Chopper Circuit) dc to ac converter suitable for low level dc signal is illustrated in Fig. 14.30. The unique property of this assembly is that it starts to oscillate vigorously at very low levels of dc collector voltages at only a few micro-watts of collector power. […]

Differential Instrumentation Amplifier Transducer Bridge

Differential Instrumentation Amplifier Transducer Bridge: Figure 14.25 shows a simplified circuit of a Differential Instrumentation Amplifier Transducer Bridge. In this circuit a resistive transducer (whose resistance changes as a function of some physical energy) is connected to one arm of the bridge. Let RT be the resistance of the transducer and ΔR the change in […]

Instrumentation System

Instrumentation System: Instrumentation System – The measurement and control of physical conditions is very important in many industrial and consumer applications. For example, the operator may make necessary adjustments in the measurement of temperature or humidity inside a dairy or meat plant to maintain the product quality, or to produce a particular type of plastic, […]

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