Synchronous Modulation and Demodulation

Synchronous Modulation and Demodulation: Synchronous Modulation and Demodulation – Low dc current may be transformed into a high voltage dc by simple chopper action. Although an inductive type transformation process is required, the out­put dc may be obtained without rectifying devices. Figure 14.39 shows a circuit function of a synchronous vibrator. Contacts a and b […]

Magnetic Modulator

Magnetic Modulator: Magnetic Modulator – The most reliable substitutes for electromechanical choppers are magnetic modulators. These devices reach a null stability as low as 10 μV, but their response time is often less than 2 Hz and the ambient temperature range is restricted. The 3-leg saturable reactor, shown in Fig. 14.32 falls within the cat­egory […]

Self Oscillating Converter

Self Oscillating Converter(Transistorised Chopper Circuit): A Self Oscillating Converter(Transistorised Chopper Circuit) dc to ac converter suitable for low level dc signal is illustrated in Fig. 14.30. The unique property of this assembly is that it starts to oscillate vigorously at very low levels of dc collector voltages at only a few micro-watts of collector power. […]