Feeder Protection Relay

Overcurrent Earth Fault Protection

Overcurrent Earth Fault Protection: Overcurrent Earth Fault Protection – Earth-fault protection can be provided with normal overcurrent relays, if the minimum earth-fault current is sufficient in magnitude. The magnitude of earth-fault current is usually low compared to the phase-fault currents because the fault impedance is much higher for earth-faults than for phase-faults. It also depends …

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Overcurrent Protection of Feeders

Overcurrent Protection of Feeders: Overcurrent relays offer the cheapest and the simplest protection for lines. The maximum load currents must be known to determine whether the ratio of the minimum fault current to maximum load current is high enough to enable simple overcurrent operated relays to be used successfully. This criterion is chosen in order …

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Types of Feeder Protection Relay

Types of Feeder Protection Relay: A composite transmission system may use one or more of the following types of Feeder Protection Relay. Overcurrent Protection: This is of two types: (i) nondirectional time and current graded schemes; (ii) directional time and current graded schemes. Distance Protection: This uses high speed distance relays. Pilot Protection: This is …

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