Skin Effect and Proximity Effect

Skin Effect and Proximity Effect: The distribution of current throughout the cross-section of a conductor is uniform only when DC is passing through it. On the contrary when AC is flowing through a conductor, the current is non-uniformly distributed over the cross-section in a manner that the current density is higher at the surface of […]

Bundled Conductors in EHV Transmission Lines

Bundled Conductors in EHV Transmission Lines: It is economical to transmit large chunks of power over long distances by employing EHV lines. However, the line voltages that can be used are severely limited by the phenomenon of corona. Corona, in fact, is the result of ionization of the atmosphere when a certain field intensity (about […]

Inductance of Three Phase Lines

Inductance of Three Phase Lines: The basic equations developed can, however, be easily adapted to the calculation of the Inductance of Three Phase Lines. Figure 2.10 shows the conductors of a three-phase line with unsymmetrical spacing. Assume that there is no neutral wire, so that Unsymmetrical spacing causes the flux linkages and therefore the inductance […]

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