IC Operational Amplifiers

Voltage Level Detectors

Voltage Level Detectors: Voltage Level Detectors – Operational amplifiers are often used in circuits in which the output is switched between the positive and negative saturation voltages, +Vo(sat) and -+Vo(sat). The actual voltage change that occurs is known as the output voltage swing. For many op-amps, the output saturation voltages are typically the supply voltage levels …

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Integrated Circuit Operational Amplifier

Integrated Circuit Operational Amplifier: Circuit Symbol and Packages – Figure 14-1(a) shows the triangular circuit symbol for an Integrated Circuit Operational Amplifier (op-amp). As illustrated, there are two input terminals, one output terminal, and two supply terminals. The inputs are identified as the inverting input (- sign) and the noninverting input (+ sign). A positive-going …

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