Generation of High Voltage and Currents

Electrostatic Generators

Electrostatic Generators: Van de Graaff generators are essentially high voltage but low power devices, and their power rating seldom exceeds few tens of kilowatts. As such Electrostatic Generators machine which effectively convert mechanical energy into electrical energy using variable capacitor principle were developed. These are essentially duals of electromagnetic machines and are constant voltage variable …

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Deltatron Circuit

Deltatron Circuit or Cascaded Modular Voltage Multipliers: A combination of Cockcroft-Walton type voltage multiplier with cascaded transformer d.c. rectifier is developed recently for very high voltages but limited output currents having higltstability, small ripple factor and fast regulation. One such unit is recently patented by “ENGE” in U.S.A., called “ENGETRON” or `DELTATRON”. The schematic diagram of …

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Different Types of High Voltages

Different Types of High Voltages: In the fields of electrical engineering and applied physics, Different Types of High Voltages (d.c., a.c,, and impulse) are required for several applications. For example, electron microscopes and x-ray units require high d.c. voltages of the order of 100 kV or more. Electrostatic precipitators, particle accelerators in nuclear physics, etc. …

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