Field Effect Transistors

MOSFET Construction and Characteristics

MOSFET Construction and Characteristics: Figure 9-28 shows the MOSFET Construction and Characteristics of a metal oxide semiconductor FET (MOSFET), also known as an insulated gate FET. Starting with a high-resistive p-type substrate, two blocks of heavily-doped n-type material are diffused into the substrate, and then the surface is coated with a layer of silicon dioxide. …

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FET Datasheet Specifications

FET Datasheet Specifications: Maximum Ratings – A portion of a FET Datasheet Specifications is reproduced in Fig. 9-17. As with other device data sheets, a device type number and brief description is usually given at the start. Maximum ratings follow, and then the electrical characteristics are stated for specific bias conditions. From Fig. 9-17, the maximum drain-source …

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Junction Field Effect Transistor Theory

Junction Field Effect Transistor Theory: n-Channel JFET – The operating principle of an n-channel Junction Field Effect Transistor Theory (JFET) is illustrated by the block representation in Fig. 9-1(a). A piece of n-type semiconductor material, referred to as the channel, is sandwiched between two smaller pieces of p-type (the gates). The ends of the channel …

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