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Transient stability in Electrical Drives

Transient stability in Electrical Drives: Transient stability in Electrical Drives – From the preceding discussion it is clear that a drive is in its state of equi­librium at constant speed if the developed motor torque is equal to the sum of load torque and friction. The basis of the investigation of the dynamics of a […]

Dynamic Conditions of a SystemDrive

Dynamic Conditions of a SystemDrive: Dynamic or transient conditions occur in SystemDrive systems when the operating point changes from one steady state condition to another, following a change introduced in the system variables. These variables may be mechanical, such as speed, torque, etc. or electrical, such as voltage, current etc. These conditions generally exist during […]

Basic Elements of Electric Drive

Basic Elements of Electric Drive: Basic Elements of Electric Drive- Before discussion makes clear that an electric drive system basically consists of a mechanical load to which the required mechanical motion is imparted through a transmission drive usually equipped with gears or pulleys. Gearless transmission is possible sometimes, in which case there exists a direct […]

Classification of Electric Drive

Classification of Electric Drive: Classification of Electric Drive are normally classified into three groups, based on their development, namely group, individual and multi motor electric drives. If several groups of mechanisms or machines are organised on one shaft and driven or actuated by one motor, the system is called a group drive or shaft drive. […]

Dynamic Electric

Dynamic Electric: Dynamic Electric – An industrial drive system basically consists of a mechanical working equip­ment or load, which has to be kept in motion to turn out mechanical work, equipment to do this job, called the prime mover, and a transmission to trans­fer energy from the prime mover to the mechanical load. Transmission equip­ment […]