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Phase Conversion in Transformer

Phase Conversion

Phase Conversion in Transformer: Three Phase to Two Phase Conversion Transformer (Scott-T transformer or Scott Connection): Phase conversion from three to two phase is needed in special cases, such as in supplying 2-phase electric arc furnaces. The concept of 3/2-phase conversion follows from the voltage phasor diagram of balanced 3-phase supply shown in Fig. 3.61(b). […]

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Electrical Machines

Electrical Machines

Electrical Machines: AC DC Converters AC Motor Control AC Windings Application of Permanent Magnet Approximate Circuit Model Approximate Equivalent Circuit Transformer Armature Control Armature Reaction Audio Frequency Transformer Definition Auto Transformer Back to Back Test on Three phase Transformers BH Curve Relationship Braking of DC Motors Brushless DC Motors Capability Curve of Synchronous Generator Characteristics

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Electronic Instrumentation

Electronic Instrumentation: AC Input AC Voltmeter using Half wave Rectifier AC Voltmeter using Rectifiers Active Filters Classification Active Filters Types AF Sine and Square Wave Generator All Pass Filter Design Analog Electronics Process Controllers Analog ph Meter Circuit Applications of Oscilloscope Atomic Frequency And Time Standards Attenuators Audio Amplifier Frequency Response Automatic Bridge Automation in

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Energy Conservation Methods

Energy Conservation Methods: Energy Conservation Methods is the cheapest new source of energy. We should resort to various conservation measures such as cogeneration (discussed earlier), and use energy efficient motors to avoid wasteful electric uses. We can achieve considerable electrical power savings by reducing unnecessary high lighting levels, oversized motors, etc. A 9 W compact

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Recent Trends in Electric Machines

Recent Trends in Electric Machines: Recent Trends in Electric Machines are neural networks, Artificial Intelligence, expert system, fibre communications and integrated electronics, hot superconductors and other new ceramic conducting and dielectric materials, magnetic levitation etc. should help young electrical engineers to develop newer, cheaper and more effective electrical energy converters and their controllers. Among all the

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Types of Rotating Electric Machine

Types of Electric Machines

Types of Rotating Electric Machine: The Types of Rotating Electric Machine are namely the dc machine, the polyphase synchronous machine (ac), and the polyphase induction machine (ac). Three materials are mainly used in machine manufacture; steel to conduct magnetic flux, copper (or aluminium) to conduct electric current and insulation to insulate the voltage induced in

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