Electrical Energy Interview Questions and Answers:

1. What is the per capita consumption of electricity in India ?

Ans. 631 kWh in 2006.

2. Why electrical energy is more useful than other forms of energy ?

Ans. Electrical energy is considered more useful than all other forms of energy owing to (i) cleanliness, (ii) cheapness, (iii) easy control, (iv) convenient and efficient transmission, (v) greater flexibility and (vi) versatility.

3. What are the various sources of energy that are utilized for generation of electrical energy.

Ans. Various sources of energy for generation of electrical energy are fuel (solid, liquid or gaseous), water and atomic energy.

4. Give the present contribution by different types of power plants.

Ans. The present contribution by various types of power plants is as given below:

Type of power plants Contribution
Hydroelectric power plants 22%
Steam power plants 65%
Nuclear power plants 2.70%
Renewable energy sources (RES) 10.30%

5. What is the percentage of power generated by hydro plants in India ? Which states have maximum hydro generation ?

Ans. Hydro power generation in India is about 22% of total power generation. Kerala (50%), Uttarakhand (82%), J&K (68%), Himachal Pradesh (81%), Meghalaya (79.5%), Arunachal Pradesh (54.5), Manipur (51%) and Nagaland (52%) have maximum hydro generation.

6. What do you mean by green power ?

Ans. Power derived from any renewable energy source (such as biomass, hydro, solar, wind, tide and geothermal) is termed as green power. This is due to negligible effect on GHG (green house gases) emissions.

7. What are the reasons of power crisis in India ?

Ans. The causes, which are responsible for power crises in India, are sharp increase in demand, poor utilization of electrical equipment, high transmission losses, the delay in commissioning of power projects, erratic monsoons, shortage of coal, faulty planning and plant outages.

8. What do you mean by captive power ?

Ans. Captive power refers to generation from a unit set up by industry for its exclusive consumption.

9. Why are captive power plants (C.P.P.) required ?

Ans. Captive power plants are required as

  • there is a huge gap between the demand and supply from central power stations,
  • there is frequent long and seasonal power cuts and
  • there is frequent increase in the power tariff by utilities.

10. What is the percentage of captive power generation based on the fuel type used ?

Ans. Based on the fuel type used for captive power generation the contribution is as follows:

Steam-about 45%, Diesel-about 40% and Gas/Naphtha-­about 15%.