Loop Tests in Underground Cables

Loop Tests in Underground Cables: There are several methods for locating the faults in underground cables. However, two popular methods known as Loop Tests in Underground Cables are : Murray loop test Varley loop test These simple tests can be used to locate the earth fault or short-circuit fault in underground cables provided that a […]

Types of Cable Faults

Types of Cable Faults: Cables are generally laid directly in the ground or in ducts in the underground distribution system. For this reason, there are little chances of faults in underground cables. However, if a fault does occur, it is difficult to locate and repair the fault because conductors are not visible. Nevertheless, the following […]

Grading of Cables

Grading of Cables: The process of achieving uniform electrostatic stress in the dielectric of cables is known as grading of cables. It has already been shown that electrostatic stress in a single core cable has a maximum value (gmax) at the conductor surface and goes on decreasing as we move towards the sheath. The maxi­mum […]

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