Requirements of Satisfactory Electric Supply Connection

Requirements of Satisfactory Electric Supply Connection: The Electric Supply Connection in India is 3-phase a.c. operating at a frequency of 50 Hz. The power station delivers power to consumers through its transmission and distribution systems. The power delivered must be characterized by constant or nearly constant voltage, dependability of service, balanced voltage, efficiency so as […]

Economic Choice of Transmission Voltages

Economic Choice of Transmission Voltages: It has been shown earlier here that if transmission voltage is increased, the volume of con­ductor material required is reduced. This decreases the expenditure on the conductor material. It may appear advisable to use the highest possible transmission voltage in order to reduce the expenditure on conductors to a minimum. […]

Economic Choice of Conductor Size

Economic Choice of Conductor Size: The cost of conductor material is generally a very considerable part of the total cost of a transmission line. Therefore, the determination of proper Conductor Size for the line is of vital importance. The most economical area of conductor is that for which the total annual cost of transmission line […]

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