Bus Impedance Matrix Method

Bus Impedance Matrix Method for Analysis of Unsymmetrical Shunt Faults: Bus Impedance Matrix Method of fault analysis, given for symmetrical faults  can be easily extended to the case of unsymmetrical faults. Consider for example an LG fault on the rth bus of a n-bus system. The connection of sequence networks to simulate the fault is […]

Open Conductor Faults

Open Conductor Faults: An open conductor faults is in series with the line. Line currents and series voltages between broken ends of the conductors are required to be determined. Figure 11.19 shows currents and voltages in an open conductor fault. The ends of the system on the sides of the fault are identified as F, […]

Single Line to Ground Fault

Single Line to Ground Fault: Figure 11.4 shows a Single Line to Ground Fault at F in a power system through a fault impedance Zf. The phases are so labelled that the fault occurs on phase a. At the fault point F, the currents out of the power system and the Single Line to Ground […]

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