Field Effect Transistors

FET Amplification

FET Amplification: Consider the n-channel FET Amplification circuit in Fig. 9-26. Note that drain-source terminals are provided with a dc supply (VDD), connected via the drain resistor (R1). The gate-source junctions are reverse-biased by the gate voltage (VG). An ac signal generator (with voltage vf) is connected in series with the gate terminal. As already …

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FET Datasheet Specifications

FET Datasheet Specifications: Maximum Ratings – A portion of a FET Datasheet Specifications is reproduced in Fig. 9-17. As with other device data sheets, a device type number and brief description is usually given at the start. Maximum ratings follow, and then the electrical characteristics are stated for specific bias conditions. From Fig. 9-17, the maximum drain-source …

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JFET Characteristics

JFET Characteristics: An n-channel JFET Characteristics block representation is shown in Fig. 9-6. With a drain-source voltage applied as illustrated, ID flows in the direction shown producing voltage drops along the channel. Consider the voltage drops from the source terminal (S) to points A, B. and C within the channel. Point A is positive with …

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