Sinusoidal Oscillators

LC Oscillator Circuit – Definition, Types and Equation

LC Oscillator Circuit – Definition, Types and Equation: Oscillators, which use inductance-capacitance (L-C) circuits as their tank or oscillatory circuits are called LC Oscillator. LC Oscillator are very popular for generating high-frequency outputs (e.g. 10 kHz to 100 MHz). There is a large variety of LC Oscillators such as tuned collector oscillators, tuned base oscillators, …

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Types of Transistor Oscillators

Types of Transistor Oscillators: A transistor can be operated as an oscillator for producing continuous undamped oscillations of any desired frequency if tank (or oscillatory) and feedback circuits are properly connected to it. All types of transistor oscillators under different names have similar function i.e. they generate continuous undamped output. However, they differ in methods …

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Frequency Stability of Oscillator

Frequency Stability of Oscillator: An oscillator having initially been set at a particular frequency does not maintain its initial frequency, but instead drift and wander about in frequency, sometimes uniformly in one direction, sometimes quite erratically. The frequency stability of an oscillator is a measure of its ability to maintain as nearly a fixed frequency …

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What are the Essential Components of an Oscillator?

What are the Essential Components of an Oscillator? The Essential Components of an Oscillator are namely, Oscillatory circuit or frequency determining element. Amplifier. Positive feedback network. The oscillatory circuit or a frequency-determining element can be an inductance-capacitance network (L-C tank), resistance-capacitance (R-C network), or a quartz crystal, depending on the frequency and waveshape desired. The …

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Operation of Oscillator Circuit

Operation of Oscillator Circuit: The use of positive feedback that results in a feedback amplifier having closed-loop gain |Af| exceeding unity and satisfies the phase conditions results in operation as an oscillator circuit. An Operation of Oscillator Circuit then provides a constantly varying output signal. If the output signal varies sinusoidally, the circuit is referred …

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What is Oscillator? – Types of Oscillators

What is Oscillator? – Types of Oscillators: An oscillator is the basic element of all ac signal sources and generates sinusoidal signals of known frequency and amplitude. It is one of the basic and useful instruments used in electrical and electronic measurements. For example, an oscillator finds wide applications in electronic communication equipment. In AM …

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