Microwave Tubes and Circuits

Types of Travelling Wave Tubes

Types of Travelling Wave Tubes: The TWT is the most versatile and most frequently used microwave tube. Four Types of Travelling Wave Tubes, each with particular applications and performance requirements. These are now described. TWT Types: The most fruitful method of categorizing traveling-wave tubes seems to be according to size, power levels and type of …

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Types of Magnetron

Types of Magnetron: The Various Types of Magnetron are 20-kW Conventional Metal Ceramic Magnetron 5-MW Long Anode Coaxial Magnetron Frequency agile or Dither tuned Magnetron Voltage Tunable Magnetron The Magnetron, perhaps more than any other microwave tube, lends itself to a variety of types, designs and arrangements. Magnetrons using hole-­and-slot, vane and rising-sun cavities have …

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Reflex Klystron Oscillator

Reflex Klystron Oscillator: It is possible to produce oscillations in a klystron device which has only one cavity, through which electrons pass twice. This is the Reflex Klystron Oscillator, which will now be described. The Reflex Klystron Oscillator is a low-power, low-efficiency microwave oscillator, illustrated schematically in Figure 11-8. It has an electron gun similar …

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