Tap Changing Transformer

Tap Changing Transformer Tap Changing Transformer -Voltage variation in power systems is a normal phenomenon owing to the rapid growth of industries and distribution network. System voltage control is therefore essential for: Adjustment of consumers’ terminal voltage within prescribed limits. Control of real and reactive power flow in the network. Periodical adjustment (1-10%) to check […]

Phase Conversion

Phase Conversion: Three/Two-phase Conversion (Scott Connection): Phase conversion from three to two phase is needed in special cases, such as in supplying 2-phase electric arc furnaces. The concept of 3/2-phase conversion follows from the voltage phasor diagram of balanced 3-phase supply shown in Fig. 3.61(b). If the point M midway on VBC could be located, […]

Three Winding Transformer

Three Winding Transformer: Three Winding Transformer may be built with a third winding, called the tertiary, in addition to the primary and secondary. Various purposes which dictate the use of a tertiary winding are enumerated below: To supply the substation auxiliaries at a voltage different from those of the primary and secondary windings. Static capacitors […]

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