DC Machine Applications

DC Machine Applications DC Machine Applications – Whenever the application of any machine is considered, its operating characteristics along with its economic and technical viability as compared to its competitors are the essential criteria. For a dc machine, of course, the main attraction lies in its flexibility, versatility and ease of control. This explains why […]

DC Machine Dynamics

DC Machine Dynamics DC Machine Dynamics – The DC machines are quite versatile and are capable of giving a variety of V-A and speed-torque characteristics by suitable combinations of various field windings. With solid-state controls their speeds and outputs can be controlled easily over a wide range for both dynamic and steady-state operation. By addition of […]

Efficiency and Testing

Efficiency and Testing: Efficiency of dc Machines Machine efficiency, in general, has been discussed in Sec. 5.9. The approach here will be to apply the general principles for the specific case of dc machines. The power flow diagrams for the generating and motoring modes of a dc machine are shown in Fig. 7.65(a) and (b). […]