Armature Windings

Tooth Ripple in Armature Winding

Tooth Ripple

Tooth Ripple in Armature Winding: Because of lower reluctance of the magnetic path corresponding to the teeth as compared to the slots, the flux density wave in the air-gap is Tooth Ripple in Armature Winding as shown in Fig. 6.9. Unlike the space harmonics of the B-wave which move at the same peripheral speed as

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AC Winding

AC Winding

AC Winding: Ac winding are generally of a 3-phase kind because of the inherent advantages of a 3-phase machine. The armature coils must be connected to yield balanced (equal in magnitude and successive phase difference of 2π/3 rad) 3-phase emfs. To begin with the slots around the armature periphery must be divided into phase-bands. Phase

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