Applications of Drives

Sugar Mill Process

Sugar Mill Process: The Sugar Mill Process the crystals are separated from the syrup by means of a centrifuge. The separation is accomplished by the centrifugal forces set up. The centrifuge is started to a speed of around 200 rpm at which the charging of syrup takes place. During charging the motor is disconnected from …

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Cement Mill Process

Cement Mill Process: The Cement Mill Process has different Stages in Cement Production and they are The raw materials of Cement Mill Process are lime and silica. Alumina and ferric oxide are used as fluxing agents. Collection of raw materials such as lime stone. This is transported to the mill site and crushed there if …

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Cranes and Hoist Drives

Cranes and Hoist Drives: The Requirements of the Cranes and Hoist Drives are The motion of the crane hook is in all three dimensions. In crane drives, the acceleration and retardation must be uniform. This is more important than the speed control. For exact positioning of the load creep speeds must be possible. When the …

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