Multiple Shield Enclosures

Impulse measurements using Multiple Shield Enclosures and Signal Cable: Multiple Shield Enclosures – It is essential that leads, layout, and connections from the signal sources to the CRO are to be arranged such that the induced voltages and stray pick-ups due to electromagnetic interference are avoided. For slowly varying signals, the connecting cables behave as either […]

Cathode Ray Oscillograph for Impulse Measurements

Cathode Ray Oscillograph for Impulse Measurements: Modern Cathode Ray Oscillograph for Impulse Measurements are sealed tube, hot cathode oscilloscopes with photographic arrangement for recording the waveforms. The cathode ray oscilloscope for impulse work normally has input voltage range from 5 m V/cm to about 20 V/cm. In addition, there are probes and attenuators to handle signals up […]

Capacitance Voltage Dividers

Capacitance Voltage Dividers: Capacitance voltage dividers are ideal for measurement of fast rising voltages and pulses. The capacitance ratio is independent of the frequency, if their leakage resistance is high enough to be neglected. But usually the dividers are connected to the source voltage through long leads which introduce lead inductances and residual resistances. Also, […]

Impulse Voltage Measurements

Potential Dividers for Impulse Voltage Measurements: Potential or voltage dividers for high voltage Impulse Voltage Measurements, high frequency a.c. measurements, or for fast rising transient voltage measurements are usually either resistive or capacitive or mixed element type. The low voltage arm of the divider is usually connected to a fast recording oscillograph or a peak […]

Sparkover Voltage of Sphere Gaps

Factors Influencing the Sparkover Voltage of Sphere Gaps: Various factors that affect the sparkover voltage of a sphere gap are: nearby earthed objects, atmospheric conditions and humidity, irradiation, and polarity and rise time of voltage waveforms. 1.Effect of nearby earthed objects: The effect of nearby earthed objects was investigated by Kuffel by enclosing the earthed […]