Important Questions of Variable Load on Power Stations:

1. Why is the load on a power station variable ? What are the effects of variable load on the operation of the power station ?

2. What do you understand by the load curve ? What information are conveyed by a load curve ?

3. Define and explain the importance of the following terms in generation :

(i) connected load (ii) maximum demand (iii) demand factor (iv) average load.

4. Explain the terms load factor and diversity factor. How do these factors influence the cost of generation?

5. Explain how load curves help in the selection of size and number of generating units.

6. Discuss the important points to be taken into consideration while selecting the size and number of units.

7. What do you understand by (i) base load and (ii) peak load of a power station ?

8. Discuss the method of meeting the peak load of an electrified area.

9. Discuss the advantages of interconnected grid system.

Write short notes on the following :

(i) load curves, (ii) load division on hydro-steam system, (iii) load factor, (iv) plant capacity factor

10. Why are load curves drawn ?

11. How will you improve the diversity factor of a power station ?

12. What is the importance of load factor ?

13. What is the importance of diversity factor ?