Difference between LED and LCD:

The Difference between LED and LCD is given in table below

Light Emitting Diode – LED

Liquid Crystal Display – LCD

Needs more power (10-250 mW per digit). Essentially acts as a capacitor and needs very less power (10-20 μW per digit).
Because of high power need, it needs external interface circuitry when driven from ICs. Can be driven directly from IC chips.
Operating voltage range is 1.5 to 5 V dc. Operating voltage range is 3-20 V ac.
Lifetime is about 100,000 hours. Lifetime is limited to 50,000 hours due to its chemical degradation.
Good brightness level. Moderate brightness level.
Temperature range for operation is -40 to 85°C Temperature range limited to -20 to 60°C.
Emits light in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and white. Invisible in darkness-needs external or internal light source.
Response time is 50-500 ns Response time is 50-200 ms. Because of slow decay time, one can even observe the fading out of segments when switched off.
Viewing angle is 150°. Viewing angle is 100°.
Font style : 7-16 segments; dot matrix Font style : 7-16 segments; dot matrix.