Steady State AC Analysis

Norton Equivalent Circuit

Norton Equivalent Circuit: Another method of analysing a complex impedance circuit is given by Norton’s theorem. The Norton Equivalent Circuit form of any complex impedance circuit consists of an equivalent current source IN and an equivalent impedance¬†ZN, arranged as shown in Fig. 7.24. The values of equivalent current and impedance depend on the values in …

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Node Voltage Method

Node Voltage Method: The node voltage method can also be used with networks containing complex impedances and excited by sinusoidal voltage sources. In general, in an N node network, we can choose any node as the reference or datum node In many circuits, this reference is most conveniently chosen as the common terminal or ground …

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Mesh Current Equation

Mesh Current Equation: We have earlier discussed meth analysis but have applied it only to resistive circuits. Some of the ac circuits presented in this chapter can also be solved by using Mesh Current Equation analysis. We already know, the two basic techniques for writing network equations for mesh analysis and node analysis were presented. …

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