Bus Zone Protection

Bus Zone Protection: Bus Zone Protection includes, besides the bus itself the apparatus such as circuit breakers, disconnecting switches, instrument transformers and bus sectionalizing reactors, etc. Although bus zone faults are rare, experience shows that bus zone protection is highly desirable in large and important stations. Bus zone is more vulnerable to the effects of […]

Motor Protection

Motor Protection: Motor Protection – There is a wide range of motors in existence for various purposes. However, the fundamental problems affecting the choice of protection are independent of the type of motor and the type of load to which it is connected. The motors under discussion here are a.c. motors which include synchronous motors […]

Direct Connected Generator Protection

Direct Connected Generator Protection: Direct connected generators are normally of smaller ratings and a typical scheme of Direct Connected Generator Protection for a 30 MW generator is shown in Fig. (6.21). It consists of the following protections: Unbiased differential protection. Backup overcurrent protection. Negative phase sequence protection. Standby earth fault. In addition to these protections […]