Problems facing Power Industry in India

Problems facing Power Industry in India: The electricity requirements of Power Industry in India have grown tremendously and the demand has been running ahead of supply. Electricity generation and transmission processes in India are very inefficient in comparison with those of some developed countries. As per one estimate, in India generating capacity is utilized on […]

Uses of Computer and Microprocessors

Uses of Computer and Microprocessors: The first methos for solving various power system problems were AC and DC network analysers developed in early 1930s. AC analysers were used for load flow and stability studies whereas DC were preferred for short-circuit studies. Analogue computers were developed in 1940s and the Uses of Computer in conjunc­tion with […]

Electromagnetic Radiation from Overhead Lines

Electromagnetic Radiation from Overhead Lines: Biological effects of electromagnetic radiation from power lines and even cables in close proximity of buildings have recently attracted attention and have also caused some concern. Power frequency (50 or 60 Hz) and even their harmonics are not considered harmful. Investigations carried out in certain advanced countries have so far […]

Environmental Aspects Of Generation of Electrical Energy

Environmental Aspects Of Generation of Electrical Energy: Conversion of one form of energy or another to electrical form has unwanted side effects and the pollutants generated in the process have to be disposed off. Pollutants know no geographical boundary, as result the pollution issue has become a nightmarish problem and strong national and international pressure […]

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